Royal Island Concierge

About Cuvée

Cuvée owns and curates a rare collection of ultra-luxury villas and chalets in celebrated global destinations. Our vision is to create the world’s most elevated travel experiences by connecting our guests to their surroundings through couture design and architecture, exceptionally tailored guest planning, and immersive, singular cultural experiences. Our quality and personalization have garnered unparalleled praise from our audience of discerning travelers, who consistently entrust us to play host to their annual milestones, family gatherings, and celebrations of life in Cuvée-style. Learn more at cuvee.com.

Job Description

Cuvée is looking for a Miami-area concierge to take care of guests on its exclusive private island in the Bahamas called Royal Island. The concierge is housed on the island for the length of the stay and will work with the guests prior to their stay to create a full agenda. The concierge is tasked with answering guest enquiries 24/7, coordinating smooth arrival and departure logistics from the island, assisting guests on their requested activities and fielding and executing any extra requests onsite from guests throughout the duration of their stay. Guest stays can range from 3- 14 days, and group sizes can vary from 8-15 people.


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