Cuvée Community Give Back Week 2017

Here at Cuvée, giving back is an essential part of who we are and what we stand for. Through the course of this summer, our Experience Curators took time out of their busy schedules to volunteer in the communities they live in, work in and love. In addition, our Denver Headquarters staff had the amazing opportunity to volunteer with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Denver. We are continuously grateful for our Cuvée family who not only work hard at to take care of our guests and residences, but also take the time to give back to the many different communities they call home. We hope that our story will inspire you to give back in your local community.

We also want to voice our feelings of love, sympathy and concern for the entire Houston community, and encourage you to help by support the efforts to revitalize this great city by donating at one of the organizations listed below:



Members of our Cuvée Denver team visited the William E. Cope Boys & Girls Club, one of many Boys & Girls Clubs located in Metro Denver. We chose to visit this club in anticipation of our upcoming Flight to Luxury event on September 15th, all proceeds of which go back to this wonderful organization.

Team members were given a tour of the two-story facility, which features a STEM lab, study room, teen room, art studio and more. BGCMD staff works tirelessly everyday to ensure that Denver’s children and teens have their basic needs met, so that they are then fully-equipped to dedicate their minds and bodies to activities they love, including computer programming, robotics, art, dance, cheerleading, football, baseball and more. After the tour, the Cuvée team volunteered in the arts and crafts room, creating art that explored the meaning of texture using a wide variety of creative painting tools.

It was absolutely wonderful to spend time with the kids and see first-hand the oustanding work done by the Boys and Girls Clubs in the Denver community. We want to go back and volunteer there every week!”

– Courtney Smith, Marketing Manager

To get involved with Boys and Girls Clubs or to learn more about Flight to Luxury, click here!


Our wonderful Aspen Experience Curators, Kait and Karen, gave their time volunteering with Habitat for Humanity in Silt, Colorado. They spent the time painting a new house and assisting with the finishing touches of the building process. Kait’s mom is responsible for organizing volunteer days in the Roaring Fork Valley which is the community near and dear to many living in the Aspen area. We sat down with Kait to learn moreabout why she chose to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity.

I understand the importance of affordable housing for teachers and lower income families alike. It makes you appreciate where you live and the luxuries we have in our day to day lives.”

To get involved with Habitat for Humanity or to learn more information, click here!


Our favorite Hawaiian Experience Curator, Hoku, spent her day volunteering with her local church doing a “Traveling Missions R.E.A.C.H” trip around the island with the churches’ youth ages 14-17. This is a weeklong mission trip where they travel around Big Island, Hawaii helping their community by doing yard work at peoples homes who are unable to do so themselves. Hoku chose to volunteer this way because, “This island is where my family lives and we need to keep our land clean and help out our community.”

We asked Hoku what the importance is of giving back in the workplace and she said,

I enjoy serving our own community and doing this through God. To see the impact we make on other lives is a true blessing; not only to them, but to us.”


Watch a video at this link to learn more!


Our incredible Tuscany Experience Curator, Francesco, volunteered his time at Rifugio Cani di Carla, which is a shelter for abandoned dogs in Tuscany. Francesco purchased food for the needy dogs, packed his car full and then spent time at the shelter. Francesco says, “I chose this refuge because it is a refuge managed by private volunteers, without contributions of the state and aid of the government. Them and their puppies exist and survive only with the aid and charity of private people.” We asked him why he believes giving back is important, he stated:

Charity is a gesture of goodness and nobility, to those who do not have their own fortune. I hope this is an example for all of us and especially for the new generations.”


Our amazing Vail Valley Experience Curators, Crystal and Alex, purchased food and incidentals as well as donated time by taking care of the animals at the Eagle Valley Humane Society in Vail. This included feeding, emptying litter boxes, brushing, administering medicine for the ill animals and giving them attention and playing with them. Crystal has been volunteering for the Eagle Valley Humane Society for the last seven years. Anything from helping them get dogs adopted, running their weekend adoption circuits, taking care of the animals in need and finding people who want to adopt and be pet owners. This has been a passion of hers since she was a little girl. She also donates to other wildlife funds and humane societies. When asked why giving back is important to her, Crystal responded:

Volunteering for the Humane Society is about giving to animals in need who didn’t choose to live without a family or in poor conditions and who depend on people to survive. There are so many great things animals do in people’s lives and they are an important part of humankind that serve a purpose whether being a service animal helping disabled people to having a rescue animal in your life that makes you smile when you’ve had a bad day.”

For more information about the Humane Society and ways you can help, please click here.