Hoku’s Harmonious Hawaii

Discover the true spirit of Hawaii through our luxury villa experience

Meet Hoku:

Aloha, I’m Hoku, Cuvée’s Experience Curator on the Big Island. Welcome to my homeland, and my favorite place in the world. Here’s how I’ve discovered a perfectly harmonious Hawaii, and how you can, too.

From the moment you arrive, you’re on Hawaiian time and anything goes. So, relax and embrace the unique culture that makes our home one of the most wonderful places on earth.

Cuvée’s Hawaiian Heritage Experiences

I really enjoy sharing Hawaiian crafts by teaching our guests how to make leis and weave coconut leaves, and explaining the specialness of Hula—how we speak with our eyes, our hands, and our bodies.

Lei Making: It’s a fragrant job, mastering the craft of ceremonial garlands made with lumerias and pikake flowers, worn and shared as tokens of affection.

Hula: Learn so much more than dancing with Hula, the Island’s most recognizable tradition. It’s Hawaiian history, handed down through every movement.

Luau Night: Celebrate Polynesian spirit under the stars, surrounded by Hula and Fire dancers, sharing a feast you can only find in Hawaii.

Hawaiian Culture

I love my culture. It’s a different way of living and behaving—we approach the world with open arms.

Local Food Culture: If you’re hungry for adventure, you’ll find plenty of food to explore in this ingredient-rich paradise, including incredible varieties of fish, just hours after they’ve been in the water, and some of the world’s sweetest fruits, thriving in Hawaii’s tropical climate.

Hulihe‘e Palace, built out of lava rock as a Victorian-era summer home for Hawaiian royalty, is now a museum, showcasing heritage handcraft and intricately carved furniture made from the native Acacia koa tree, one of the most expensive woods in the world.

Cultural Events

February 1st: To mark the annual blooming of its historic Cherry Trees, the Waimea Cherry Blossom Festival honors Japanese culture and the ancient tradition of Hanami, celebrating the fragile and transient beauty of the blossoms, plus hands-on demonstrations of bonsai, origami, and the traditional tea ceremony.

3rd Sunday of the month: The Kokua Kailua Village Stroll brings together browsers, merchants, craftsmen, and foodies in a family-friendly Hawaiian Bazaar, supporting the community economy by shopping and eating local.

April 12-18th: Originating in 1963, the Merrie Monarch Festival is a tribute to Hawaiian traditions, with art exhibits, craft fairs, performances, and parades, culminating in the world’s most prestigious Hula competition.


Hawaiians live with nature in way that few other cultures do. Connect to the beauty of the world around you and take advantage of every sunny day and starry night. But that connection must come with a conscious decision to travel responsibly, to help preserve Hawaii’s delicate eco systems by treading lightly upon what is often deemed sacred ground.

Wherever you roam in this natural paradise, it’s as simple as this: Respect the rules, respect the environment, and respect the privacy of others.

For hikers, the Pololū Valley offers impressive overlook views from the lush tropical forest cliffs to the black sand beaches, while the sacred Waipio Valley, known as “The Valley of the Kings, is home to Hiilawe Falls, Hawaii’s tallest waterfall, cascading down 1,300 feet.

Part of the Kakaha Kai State Park, Makalawena might be the best beach on the Big Island, with gorgeous white sands and plenty of palm tree shade. But only if you’re prepared for the hike because this picture perfect spot can’t be reached by road.

Prepare to be awestruck at Volcanoes National Park, home to one of the world’s most active volcanoes. These 505 square miles of unique geological landscape hosts the centuries-old Puuloa Petroglyphs, or stone carvings etched into the lava rock, pre-charted short and long hikes, junior ranger activities for kids, and a weekly lecture series called “After Dark in the Park.”

For the most dramatic evening astronomy, witness the night sky as never before at Mauna Kea, the tallest sea mountain in the world. Dig into a Cuvée-prepared picnic and wait for the stars of the evening to show up.

Take an unforgettable journey by horseback through Kahua Ranch, enjoying the panoramic views of the mountains and coastline with our experienced paniolos (Hawaiian cowboys), followed by a gourmet picnic lunch or authentic cultural dinner learning about the historic 8,500-acre cattle ranch.

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The Hualalai Estate

Being at the Four Seasons is experiencing a whole new paradise where you can disconnect from the busy world in the privacy of your villa and we take care of every detail. With four master suites and one designed just for children, there’s room to be alone as well as plenty of gathering spaces to be together. And from the infinity pool and hotub, you can see the Hualalai Golf Course and Kona Coast. Everything is lush, and the ocean and beaches are right in front of you, like your own oasis. Explore the Hualalai Estate >

When you come to Hawaii, you’re going to leave with a piece of Aloha. It’s a special feeling that is hard to forget, everything you’ve learned, felt, and experienced makes you yearn to return.

See you on Hawaii!
Mahalo, Hoku