How We Holiday- The Tuscany Edition

Celebrate in Cuvée-style at our luxury Tuscan villas.

Celebrate in Cuvée-style at our luxury Tuscan villas.

November and December are festive months all throughout the world, but especially in Tuscany where the everlasting charm of holiday traditions holds an air of excitement everywhere around you. Scattered across Toscana are incredible experiences that make the region an ideal destination for holiday escapes, from skiing and hot springs, to luscious red wines and seasonal delicacies. Spend your holidays this year surrounded by winter’s natural beauty in the provinces that inspire international travelers and locals alike.


Below, a list of Tuscan activities for every kind of holiday celebration.

Christmas Markets in Tuscany

Christmas Markets

Nativity scenes and markets are the quintessential symbols of the holiday season in every Tuscan city and hamlet, filled with tradition and authentic celebrations. The widely recognized Weihnachtsmarkt German market in Florence’s Santa Croce Piazza offers Tuscan products like mulled wine and original hand-made Christmas gifts. Siena’s festive “Mercato del Campo” reenacts a Middle Age market with over 150 stalls to browse crafts, food delicacies, and Sienese sweets.

Ski in Tuscany for the holidays

Winter Activities

Discover Tuscany’s snow-covered mountains a short distance from our villas. In the Pistoia Providence, Abetone is home to one of the largest ski resorts in the region, not only for ski and snowboard lovers, but also for its plentiful snow-shoeing treks and Nordic skiing opportunities. South of Siena, Mount Amiata has ski trails for a wide range of experience levels and guided tours to cross-country ski.

Kids holiday activities in Tuscany

Tuscany for Kids

Children can enjoy holiday fun activities in Arezzo with a visit to Santa’s Castle, an interactive Lego Village exhibition, and a unique Disney Christmas show featuring 100 fairytale characters in the open markets. Montelpulciano has dedicated many of its streets to a Christmas Village that includes “The Toy Factory” and an ice skating rink.

Tuscany Hot Spring Spas


For an R&R getaway, Tuscany has incredible hot spring destinations like Fonteverde and Grotta Giusti, whose pools have been visited for centuries for their therapeutic properties. Give yourself the gift of rejuvenating services like hydrotherapy, medical spas, and thermal treatments amidst serene Tuscan settings.

Vino Novello and Chestnuts in Tuscany

Vino Novello & Chestnuts

During the winter holidays, Vino Novello is a popular seasonal wine tasting of young grapes with flavors similar to Beaujolais. A Tuscan tradition, town festivals and wine boutiques will serve these youthful wines with chestnuts galore; their October and November harvest brings an array of preparations and delicious chestnut recipes that are a must-try during Vino Novello season.



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