An Epic Week in Thailand

7 Days & 7 Ways to Experience Thai Magic

Located within the well-known triad of Phuket, Krabi, and Phi Phi, the island of Koh Yao Noi is easy to get to, yet remains an unspoiled paradise of blue skies, sandy beaches, and dramatic limestone sea-cliffs jutting out into tranquil water. At Cuvée’s Thai Hideaway, our luxurious oceanfront villa resort, you’ll discover true Southeast Asian culture–the warmth and genuineness of a mystical Thai experience.


Arriving at the Phuket Airport and reaching the island via private speedboat, you’ll get a resort tour and then kick off your week by sampling authentic Pad Thai and other renowned street food-style treats, like spring rolls and satay.

Spend the remainder of your first day kayaking, paddle boarding or relaxing on the beach, complete with butler service, before sunset cocktails and a meal from Chef Yao, who will prepare—and even teach you to make—famous Thai dishes like Tom Yum Goong, Green Curry and Som-Tum, and Mango with Sticky Rice dessert. For the duration of your stay, Chef Yao can help you explore the culinary culture of Thailand, a unique blend of spices and fresh ingredients, or organize meals of your choosing.



Cuvée’s Thai Hideaway, a fully staffed and serviced sanctuary, is a stunning combination of modern conveniences and traditional regional architecture: high-pitched roofs with pergolas, rich ornamentation, and burnished wood and bamboo in harmony with its natural environment. A magical location for personal celebrations and corporate retreats, the ten sumptuous bedrooms, each featuring king sized beds and en-suite bathrooms, are spread over five guesthouses for separate togetherness, with enclosed and open-air spaces throughout.

Set on two lushly landscaped acres, with manicured lawns and winding paths lined by palm trees, Thai Hideaway is a world in itself. You never have to leave, enjoying ancient holistic Ayurvedic treatments that encourage mind-body connection in our private spa with sweeping views of stunning Phang Nga Bay, a session of Viyasana, Hatha or Yin yoga on the meditation deck, or spending twilight in the infinity pool, with additional children’s swimming pool plus a swirling waterslide, before delighting in our own movie night under the stars.


But the diversity of the island landscape offers many other activities. Spend the next few days exploring local life on a TUK TUK tour, the motorized version of a traditional rickshaw, whizzing by rice paddies and rubber fields; take a speedboat to the Phuket Ethical Elephant Refuge, a home for retired working elephants set on 30 acres of lush tropical jungle; tour the bay on-board a super luxury yacht, returning to a beachfront BBQ dinner, with the finest, freshest seafood and a meat grill station.

One of our most popular day trips is a snorkeling expedition to explore the Hong Archipelago, or the four islands of Koh Hong, Koh Pakbia, Koh Rai, Koh Lahding, known for spectacular marine life and fantastic reefs. Or, choose to cruise the picturesque lagoons via a longtail boat, the wooden watercraft native to Southeast Asia and an icon of Thailand. Designed to sit low in the water with a flat bottom, ideal for beaching on the sand, the prows of these handmade boats are adorned with brightly colored garlands and flowers, paying respects to the water spirits.

On the seventh day, take a leisurely last look around our tranquil island on a mountain bike cycling tour, accompanied by our guide, before departing for the airport. Until next time, Cuvée—Laew Ja Maa Mai Krab/Ka, or how you can say, “I’ll be back!”.


Designed by Naga Concept, this spectacular 10-suite oceanfront villa estate offers a mystical Southeast Asian experience. Inspired by the temples of Northern Thailand, the space is serene yet invigorating, offering a truly private experience.


Ten highly designed suites offer truly gorgeous, uninhibited views of Phang Nga Bay with all services included. Daily breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and free-flow premier cocktail service are complemented by daily Thai spa treatments, one roundtrip airport transfer, and much more.