The Best Thanksgiving in Los Cabos

Celebrate and give thanks on the Baja

At Cuvée, we take everything you love about Thanksgiving and transport your favorite traditions to Los Cabos, adding a touch of our own authentic Baja flair. From a beachside Thanksgiving dinner with all the seasonal fixings—plus some added spice, of course—to a long weekend made even more memorable and meaningful with the togetherness of outdoor adventures and the dreamy vistas of the Sea of Cortez.

As Thanksgiving approaches, bring family holiday traditions to new heights with Cuvée in Los Cabos.


With gloriously warm November weather, many direct domestic flights (from both coasts and the central U.S.) are an easy travel jaunt, gathering together with Cuvée in Los Cabos let’s you spend every minute of the holiday as you should: in the company of friends and family. Our luxury villas, with spacious bedrooms and plenty of open plan communal space, are designed to provide the freedom and privacy to scatter or gather under one roof, set against a backdrop of panoramic Baja views and awe-inspiring sunsets.


Even if you are enjoying the holiday in a different climate and culture for the first time, that doesn’t mean foregoing the traditional meal you look forward to all year. Baja’s unique geography, the earth’s second longest peninsula, includes uber-productive coasts for the freshest seafood imaginable, as well as rich agricultural land for growing abundant produce, wine grapes, and free-range livestock. Northern Mexico’s year-round temperate weather means there is never an off-season, so your Thanksgiving meal will be a bountiful, al fresco table from some of our very favorite Los Cabos chefs. This fascinating blend of traditional fare with Mexican flair–plus a lantern-lit beach setting under starry string lights–will forever change the way you give thanks.


If food and drink are a big part of your holiday plans, there is more culinary exploration awaiting at ACRE, an award-winning restaurant located within a design-forward development in the foothills of San Jose del Cabo, where dishes are crafted from ingredients grown on the surrounding 25 acres of organic farmland, or the annual Sabor a Cabo, a spectacular gastronomic festival that lets you sample everything Baja has to offer by showcasing local ingredients, chefs, restaurants and wineries. And who knows—this may be the year you finally turn holiday leftovers into some special with an in-villa family cooking class.


It might be time to get a new family tradition underway by launching onto the Sea of Cortez in a private catamaran. These comfortable yachts, balanced on two hulls connected by cross beams with sails in the middle, are practically a house on water, moving so smoothly it’s like sailing on magic carpet. The construction also allows for easier navigation of shallow reef passages, which enables you to anchor closer to shore. So whether you dip in for a snorkel, or just enjoy the Baja breezes over a bottle of rosé, this is how a day trip on the water goes from ordinary to extraordinary. If you’d rather come kick up some sand on the back of a sport UTV, gear up with a helmet and goggles and let one of our experts give you a guided adventure tour of the dunes, including a beachside palapa lunch of homemade burritos.


Before returning home, celebrate togetherness on one last night with a Casita Fiesta, as one of our talented Cuvée chefs prepares a dinner showcasing the authentic flavors of Baja including expertly crafted margaritas, the region’s signature cocktail. Add entertainment to the evening with a spirited performance from our talented salsa dancers—who may even tempt you to get out on the floor—and a lesson in local craftsmanship through a cigar rolling class. It’s just another evening to remember on a holiday that will be hard to forget.

Give Thanks in Los Cabos