The Slopes Are Still, But Summer Beckons

Around the world, travel has slowed and limitations on free movement have been imposed to stop the spread of COVID-19. For our global team of Experience Curators in particular, life has gotten increasingly quieter, providing us with meaningful time to reflect on what travel—and more specifically–what our regional locales really mean to us.

This week, we are in our beautiful Rocky Mountains, with Crystal, our Vail-based Experience Curator. Typically, our chalets and slopes are packed, with skiers excited to savor their final runs of the season. Colorado had another epic year of snowfall, yet in the face of COVID-19, the chairlifts are at a standstill and the powder has no tracks. Here is Crystal’s new everyday life.

Crystal Cisco

Vail Experience Curator

Hello, from Vail!

Crystal, here! Cuvée’s Vail Senior Destination Manager.

All is quiet here in Vail. In March and April our towns are typically hustling and bustling with spring skiers. We have all worked a long winter and typically, come end of April, like to go travel and get out of town to warmer climates. Only now, people are confined to their homes unable to escape to their usual spring destinations. Currently I am working from home busying myself with our normal off-season projects and keeping in touch with those clients I have built great relationships with. It’s so uplifting to think about how many people care and are checking up on my wellbeing, and I have been doing the same with them. Once the town returns to normal and people start coming back, I will dive into spring deep cleans and routine maintenance on all of our properties. This is something we always do in the spring and fall.

Beside working from home, I am trying to keep myself healthy and active as much as I can. My fiancé and I try to do an hour of exercise each day while applying our social distancing. That might be a bike ride, a hike or a YouTube workout in our living room. Plus, we’ve even had to adjust our own wedding date that was scheduled for May, so now we’re shifting everything to August.

I really miss my guests being here! I’m not used to being slow. I love always doing something, planning stays, assisting guests, making things perfect and running around. So, not having people in town traveling is very different than what I’m used to. It’s really rewarding for me to have a family stay and share with me–like they so often do—that it was the best ski vacation they’ve ever had. That’s what I love the most and it’s my goal to create that for everyone coming to experience Cuvée in the mountains.

However, summer is my favorite time of the year here in Vail. The summer is why I love living here and what’s kept me in the mountains for all these years. There is so much more to do, it is beautiful, and the weather is perfect. There isn’t one specific thing I can say I love the most about summer, but a few of my favorite things; hiking, biking, rafting, horseback riding, stargazing, farmer’s markets, music festivals, beer gardens, gondola rides to check out the views, being warm and wearing my summer dresses.

I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things this summer, reconnect with my guests, and keep making vacation dreams come true.

See you soon!