A Family Holiday in Vail: Experience a Magic Adventure in the Rockies

If you are scrambling to find an amazing place to spend the holidays this year, look no further than Vail, CO. For many reasons, this world-famous mountain resort, located two and a half hours outside of Denver, is a household name. One of those reasons is, it’s one of the most intimate, festive and fun holiday escapes for your whole family. Let’s explore what Vail has to offer and what makes it one of the top winter destination in the world.

If you’re already itching for ski season, you won’t have to wait too long. Vail’s opening day is in November, just in time for Thanksgiving. Make it an adventure to remember by arriving a few days before opening day, acclimating to the mountains and wearing in your ski boots before you hit the slopes. The two weeks before opening day are a great time to visit Vail if you’re looking to spend some intimate time with the family.

Family Enjoying a Day of Skiing in Vail | Luxury Colorado Rentals

Hit The Slopes

Skiing is a big part of the Vail culture, with many Olympic athletes getting their start, and training, there.  If you’d ever been a fan of Warren Miller films, you know that slowly building excitement you feel when the autumn leaves sweep across the sidewalk and you know ski season is just a few months away. However you imagine it in your head, it’s hopefully an experience you’d either love to relive or cross off your bucket list.

There are many options for places to ski, in Colorado, and in other parts of the US, so why is Vail such a popular destination?

  • It’s huge. Whether you ski or snowboard, you will find the opportunity to enjoy both on over 5,200 sqft. of groomed terrain.
  • It’s a family adventure. Vail isn’t just for extreme skiers and snowboarders, either. There are a plethora of beginner and intermediate slopes, with private ski lessons also available.
  • Because a lot of professional athletes train in Vail, the town offers some top tier health clubs for your workout needs.

Vail Square | Luxury Colorado RentalsSpas, Shopping, Restaurants and More

Vail isn’t just about skiing – it offers an amazing, festive atmosphere. Whether you come for winter break or during the summer, there is always something happening.

Concerts, shows and art galleries are all a part of the Vail experience. Aside from various non-skiing related physical activities, the town offers options for spas, shopping, ice skating, and excellent restaurants.

So, if your idea is to bundle up and enjoy the crisp mountain air, and spend some quality alone time while the kids are taking private skiing lessons or gallivant around town with your friends, you’ll feel right at home in Vail.

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A Luxurious Stay

Embraced for its lavish lodging options, including our own ultra-luxury properties Arrabelle Chalet and Avanti Chalet, Vail offers some of the top luxury hotels and extravagant vacation rentals of any US ski resort.

When you stay at one of our properties, what you will find is that the luxury experience ventures beyond the lodging itself. If you’re short on time, and prefer a more personal vacation experience than per-determined vacation packages, let our personal destination host plan your trip for you, before you even get to Vail. Because of the many relationships we have in Vail, we are able to offer some very unique experiences which you will not find anywhere else and we’d love to tell you all about it.

Getting there is easy. The drive typically takes around two and a half hours from Denver, or three from Denver International Airport – a straight shot down the multi-lane highway — I-70. Vail has its own airport, just 25 minutes away from the town, if you’d prefer to avoid the sometimes challenging winter road conditions on the highway.

That all said, no matter which winter holiday you celebrate, spending it in Vail will be an experience you and your family will hopefully remember for a long time. After all, that’s what holidays are meant to be about, right? Spending comfortable, quality time with your family and creating lasting, priceless memories.

Enjoy a family photoshoot and a private night-in with a basket of hand-selected local snacks and a movie. Let us take you on a relaxing trip to the local hot springs — a great way to unwind after a day of adventures.