Dia de Los Muertos: A Cuvée-Curated Experience of the Vibrant Celebration

Day of the Dead: What It Is

Dia de los Muertos or ‘Day of the Dead’ is a fiercely-celebrated and extremely colorful festival in Mexico and throughout Latin America, where the tradition of this holiday began.

The vivid and intricate celebration of Día de los Muertos falls on November 1 and 2, annually, honors those that are dead without sadness or mourning, as they dead would have been insulted. Rather, there are incredible parties, parades, festivals and most importantly, traditional alters combined with homemade food, beverage and decoration, dedicated to the dead.

How to Celebrate the Day of the Dead

Face painting, especially for younger children, is a popular decorative expression. Marigolds can be found throughout Mexican towns and on alters as this yellow bloom is the traditional flower used to honor the dead.

All these items are can be found around intricate alters dedicated to the person being honored. In many towns throughout the Southern States of Mexico, there are annual contests for the best alters.

Authentic Day of the Dead in Cuvée Style

The Cuvée introduction to the intriguing holiday includes an experience for all the senses to truly embrace the regionality and importance of the tradition. Tamales, casseroles and special desserts of the departed are typically prepared to honor them.

Pulque, an alcoholic drink a common beverage to serve to toast deceased ancestors. Harvest drinks such as atole and champurrado, a thick, hot, beverage made of masa is served to young and old. The popular tea is called agua de Jamaica which translates to hibiscus water and is served cold, sweet and loaded with ice and is a brilliant red color, perfect for setting on an alter to sipping.

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