Culinary by Cuvée | Royal Island, Bahamas

On Cuvée’s Royal Island, venture just off the cusp of where the deep blue Atlantic Ocean meets the sparkling turquoise of the Caribbean Sea, island culture sets the pace, and inspires the culinary experience led by our acclaimed Chef Sergio Castro. The sea’s influence is thoughtfully showcased in each meal with simple, yet exquisitely colorful and eclectic presentations. Royal Island features classic snapper, cracked conch, rock lobsters and the regions’ crop of citrus including grapefruit, oranges, and lemons as well as produce including tomato, onion, okra, cucumber and more.

Meet Our Culinary Talent

Private island beauty truly shines during private meals on it’s beaches as classic creations from acclaimed Chef Sergio take a colorful, sea-inspired setting.

Chef Sergio Castro

Born and raised in Puebla City, Mexico, Chef Castro started cooking and working in the kitchen at the age of 20 and went on to…

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Culinary Events

Yacht Week: Bahamas

The sailing paradise that is the Bahamas awaits for an authentic island experience that emphasizes local culture, food and world-class water sport.

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Art of Discovery: Royal Island

Discover five complete days of authentic Bahamian cuisine, culture and Cuvée-curated adventure.

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