Culinary by Cuvée | St. Barts, Caribbean

Take a seat with our French-inspired repertoire of culinary inspiration within the tiny Caribbean enclave that is St. Barts.

The elevated luxury hospitality of the Caribbean is uniquely brought to life by Cuvée’s culinary experience that emphasizes cuisine’s importance to island life and sustainability, all while drawing on it’s worldwide roots. Explore the influences of France and Belgium to Brazil and North Africa with Cuvée’s lauded island chef, Christophe Moreau, for an experience with award-winning wines and views to match.

Meet Our Culinary Talent

With deep roots in French cuisine, our lauded island chef brings an ocean of the freshest ingredients to a lively, authentic St. Barts culinary scene.

Chef Christophe Moreau

Now experienced and recognized by clients from around the world, Chef Christophe Moreau was trained in the finest and most demanding establishments in France and…

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Culinary Events

St. Barts Gourmet Festival

The Gourmet festival is a highly respected event worldwide uniting top chefs who represent the very best in contemporary French cuisine.

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St Barts Mardi Gras

Carnival (Mardi Gras) occurs in February/March (March 01-02, 2022), where a parade in the streets turns into a nighttime party for all and ends on…

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Bastille Day

Celebrations, music and fireworks on July 14 commemorate the storming of the Bastille and the end of the French monarchy.

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