How to Experience the Best of the Big Island

5 Perfect Ways to Spend 5 Perfect Days on Hawaii

Just when you think that spending time in Hawaii can’t get any better, we’ve got five perfect ways to encounter the Big Island’s unique culture in five perfect days.

Day 1

Upon arrival, put the world on hold with a centering session of in-villa yoga on the ground of our stunning Hualalai Estate, overlooking the Pacific. Working one-on-one with an instructor who understands how to tailor the class to your individual pace will leave you feeling restored, relaxed, and ready to embark on the next few days of spectacular Hawaiian experiences.

Day 2

Get a bird’s eye view of nature’s handiwork on a helicopter excursion over the singular wonders that make the Big Island one of the most beautiful places on earth. Hover over Kīlauea, the world’s most active volcano, in near constant movement since its origin, before flying up the rugged coastline as jagged cliffs and lava fields give way to lush scenery and cascading waterfalls. When you touch down, there will be a Hawaiian-style lunch waiting, complete with fresh Mai Tai’s for a toast in true Polynesian spirit.

Day 3

The unique geography of Kona’s coast ocean drop off, called “Grander Alley,” creates the steep slopes that allow for deep-sea fishing close to the shoreline. Whether you want to catch the big one, like larger game fish mahi mahi, barracuda and yellow-fin tuna, or just go along with the ride, your day on the pristine Pacific ends with a private chef cooking your catch, served alongside salsas and sides introducing Hawaii’s regional flavors.

Day 4

Although the exotically composed presentation and complicated flavors might seem outside your kitchen skill set, our private Chef Kealoha can introduce you to the art of sushi making. Under his guidance, you’ll walk through the preparation, step by step, until you master the basic techniques, ending in a personalized sushi dinner for which you get to name your rolls!

Day 5

Don’t say aloha without experiencing the Hula, Hawaii’s most recognizable custom, and also one of its most romantic. More than a dance, the Hula is a traditional way of storytelling, and you’ll discover the hidden language in each gesture from our expert and former Hula professional, Hoku. You’ll also make ceremonial leis from the Island’s iconic plumerias and pikake flowers whose soft jasmine like fragrance is one of the Hawaii’s signature scents. And after dancing comes another Hawaiian ritual, a starry evening of surf and turf style eating, prepared by our favorite private Chef, Katherine.

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