Inside a Los Cabos Sanctuary by Cuvee

Amidst the challenges we’re all facing during this global pandemic, we’re reminded that there are silver linings to be found. For our CEO Larry Mueller, who is with his wife, adult children, and grandchildren at our Seaside La Casita villa in Los Cabos, this unexpected opportunity for togetherness has fostered deeper family connection and enormous gratitude for a newfound sanctuary.

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The Family’s Story

Cuvée Founder and CEO, Larry Mueller, conceived the concept through his own experience. “I was in Los Cabos in mid-March at our Seaside La Casita when travel restrictions started to increase, particularly in my home state of Colorado. I felt strongly that staying here at our Seaside La Casita would be a far better and more healthful environment for self-isolation than Denver in the early spring. I really wanted my whole family with me – my wife, my adult daughters, their partners, and my two grandsons. To me, this was a silver lining. When else do we get to spend this kind of extended family time together, outside of the holidays or family vacations? We have been lucky to have the time to surpass the niceties, meaningfully connect, and delve deep into family aspirations.”

When else do we get to spend this kind of extended family time together, outside of the holidays or family vacations?


“Certainly, some of the family had some initial concerns, but being able to bring everyone together, especially our grandchildren, became the overall motivation. So, we arranged a private jet to depart from Denver and the whole family arrived here in Los Cabos in early April. We currently plan to stay here through Mother’s Day.”

How We Created Our First Sanctuary Stay

Thoughtful planning and a meticulous amount of details by our Cabo experience team went in to creating our first Sanctuary stay. The following criteria became essential to implement:

  • Most importantly, creating a safe haven for our first inbound multi-gen family
  • Deep cleaning and sanitization throughout the property, as well as all transport services
  • Private travel arrangements for the Mueller family to get them to Los Cabos safely
  • Healthful meal planning to ensure guests receive plenty of grocery supplies and access to essential nutrition
  • Curated wellness and fitness offerings to maintain and improve health throughout the stay
  • Family connection activities to ensure the family leave feeling more connected than ever before

Mueller Family Highlights

The Mueller Family have been balancing work and play throughout their stay, with quiet and private remote workstations set up for each member of the family, as well as daily step count challenges and tennis matches. In their downtime, the family has taken this opportunity to teach our 15-month old grandson how to swim, play their new family daily game of gratitude (two roses, a thorn, and a bud) and cook together, with abundant produce from Flora Farms, the local favorite restaurant and farmer’s market, providing the family with fresh, organic fruit, vegetables and meat for the week.

The family are being looked after by Cuvée’s Cabo Experience Curator, Silvia, who is only a call away to assist the with any needs, from groceries and tequila, to vitamin C! “Cabo is incredibly safe, and has proved to be the best decision our family could have made. Our physical and mental health have improved significantly. Being close to the ocean night and day has been tremendous, and the opportunity to paddleboard, surf and show my grandsons the passing whales, has truthfully been one of the most special times of our lives.”

“I know we’re facing a significant global pandemic, one that is affecting millions of lives. But for my family, the silver lining has been the ability to get away as a family, over an extended period of time, and really connect with each other and talk about our lives, our aspirations, and even our issues. I find myself filled with enormous gratitude that we are sharing this moment in time, together. ”

The silver lining has been the ability to get away as a family, over an extended period of time, and really connect with each other


Learn More About Sanctuary with Cuvée

Sanctuary by Cuvée offers multi-generational families and friends short and long term escapes to the world’s best collection of private villas and destinations. When the world can travel more freely again, explore an opportunity to experience healthful, tranquil, and clean environments, replete with abundant outdoor spaces, sunny weather, and thoughtful amenities and staff to assist with your every need. Explore our collection of Cabo villas.

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