Pursuit of the Perfect Blend: A Company Retreat, Cuvée Style

How 5 days in Tuscany promoted team culture and collaboration

Welcome to Tuscany: The Cuvée Company Retreat

When it comes to Tuscany, one immediately thinks of its endless vineyard paths, winding white gravel roads and its iconic food and wine. Ultimately, it can all all be summed up as “la dolce vita” – or, “the sweet life” – which captures the incomparable essence of Italy. After more than two years of planning, that essence was realized in true Cuvée-style with an important purpose, providing an immersive and collaborative experience for a Cuvée team company retreat.

The Importance of a Company Retreat

The ability for teams to collaborate has changed significantly for almost every organization, in every industry. With limited opportunities to connect in-person, businesses are finding the need to maximize these experiences more than ever.

For Cuvée, the chance to reconnect as an organization was about more than a company outing. From this authentic, shared experience, the intention was for our geographically-scattered teams to come away with genuine personal and professional growth. 

Our Cuvée sales, marketing, and destination operations teams won an incentive to offer them a retreat at the Cuvée destination of their choosing. The choice was a resounding one: Tuscany was the destination of the team’s dreams. And it proved to be an ideal locale for meeting the collective goals of the group. 

The Cuvée Company Retreat Itinerary in Tuscany

Maximizing the value of time spent is important to any organization and to any experience. Over the course of five days, the Cuvée team was immersed in a wide-range of experiential activities, and ample opportunity for connection, rejuvenation, growth and, of course, endless amounts of fun.

The Cuvée retreat experience focused on the lauded cuisine and wine of the Tuscan region,adventurous excursions throughout the Tuscan hillsides, and 14 separate information sessions focused on empowering the team to share Cuvée’s mission for the “Art of Discovery.”

A Cuvée Experience

The Highlights

Racing Vintage FIAT 500s Through Winding Tuscan Roads

Ancient Chianti castles, Mona Lisa’s original house and rustic vineyards were just a few of the sights to be seen as the Cuvée team drove vintage FIAT 500s through the rolling hills and cypress-lined roads of Tuscany.

“I LOVED driving through the rolling hills of Tuscany, sharing laughs and a beautiful sunset with what began as people I would call my co-workers but quickly shifted to close friends.”

– Claire Bergdoll, Sales and Marketing Associate

Artisanal Pizza Making with Chef Mario Chiarelli

Among the many lessons to impart while exploring Italian culture is that the ingredients make the dish. It’s a point that resonated as the Cuvée team picked toppings from the organic farmhouse garden, kneaded dough and ultimately removed their own pizza masterpiece from an authentic wood-burning oven, finding pride in the finished product.

“While we have the autonomy to do this in our homes around the world, there was something so unique about being able to experience it in Italy. From picking the ingredients fresh to making sure every detail was accounted for in your special pie… it reminded me of when my family cooks together over the holidays with my grandma who is always making sure we have everything perfect, all while enjoying each other’s company. This experience truly felt authentic.”

– Julia Cicchinelli, Client Relationship Manager

E-Biking to a Farm-to-Table Lunch

As the birthplace of the annual L’Eroica bike race, Gaiole in Chianti provided the perfect environment to race e-bikes through the Tuscan countryside. The route led the Cuvée team through beautiful landscapes and ended with a Tuscan-inspired lunch to refuel.

“The bike ride was exceptional because it pushed me outside of my comfort zone, showed me a side of Tuscany I had never seen in a way I had never experienced it, and it felt so meditative and immersive.”

– Ariana Cuadra, Digital Marketing Manager

Chef Alessio Sedran Tasting Menu at the Farmhouse

In what was their first stop, the team found themselves at the treasured Cuvée Tuscan Farmhouse. As past guests are fondly familiar, they were warmly greeted by our Tuscany experience curator Fancesco Barone before spending a hands-on evening with Chef Alessio whose carefully selected abundance of hors d’oeuvres, wines and local ingredients made for a farm-to-table feast.

The food we had all week was amazing, but our first dinner was my favorite! Catching up and meeting team members and eating a delicious meal together of homemade gnocchi so delicate that it had melted in your mouth… It was the perfect blend of ingredients and so delicious.”

– Marie Daher, Guest Service Manager

Dinner, Tasting & Tour at Il Cellese Winery

When it comes to learning the finer points of wine, who better to learn from than the owner of a world-class winery in the heart of Chianti? This is precisely what the Cuvée discovered with a personal tour of the Il Cellese’s estate and winery, including a coveted tasting of their Chianti wines with dinner pairings.

“I truly enjoyed the sessions we had followed by an activity. Why? Because It helps each other understand what we all do and why we do it. Being part of this big team is the best part.”

– Cristina Estrada, Destination Manager, Los Cabos

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