Telluride Yoga Center

The Center’s goal is to bring yoga to a diverse and evolving demographic of people on the path, and to also open yoga–as a philosophy and practice–up to diversifying and evolving.

What's Included?

Cuvée will brief the studio inadvance on needs and desires. Then explore yoga in Telluride, made for this moment of radical change and speaking truth to power. There are energizing options such as mellow and regular flow, perfect hour, Pilates and yoga infusion, wall yoga, power flo and go and more. There are five restorative practice sessions and also Bhakti classes.
  • Choose from over a dozen private class options at the studio or in residence.
  • Pair the wellness experience with a fresh juice or craft cocktail bar.
  • Add a curated soundtrack for enhanced, post-workout relaxation.

Immerse Yourself. Reserve Your Stay.

Hood Park Haven

Telluride, Colorado

The Toast of Telluride: Experience a mountain oasis designed with thoughtful intention inspired by...
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