Epicurean Delights: A Culinary Journey with Cuvée’s Private Chef Experiences

Cuvée's Private Chef Experiences

Cuvée’s global culinary program stands distinct, carving a niche for ourselves as the epitome of luxurious private chef dining. With villas spanning from the snow-capped terrains of Colorado to the serene landscapes of Italy and beyond, each Cuvée destination promises more than just a stay—it offers a taste of the world.

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Globetrotting Gourmet: Cuvée’s Exquisite Destinations

From the sun-kissed beaches of Mexico’s Los Cabos and Punta Mita to the snowy peaks of Colorado’s Aspen, Vail, Beaver Creek, and Telluride, every Cuvée villa is a gateway to a distinct luxury culinary experience. Glide over Italy’s iconic landscapes, be it the rolling hills of Tuscany or the serene banks of Lake Como. Dive deep into the tropical allure of Hawaii’s Big Island and Oahu, feel the Mediterranean sun in Spain’s Mallorca, or lose yourself in the unparalleled luxury of Royal Island in the Bahamas and the chic appeal of St. Barths. Each destination isn’t just a location—it’s a story waiting to be tasted.

Culinary by Cuvée: Michelin Worthy Dining Across the Globe

Earning accolades and quickly becoming one of the most sought-after private experiences worldwide, Cuvée’s culinary program isn’t just about food—it’s about an ethos, a philosophy that is unapologetically food-forward. At its forefront is a cadre of culinary luminaries, each a maestro in their domain.

Guests can indulge in the gastronomic wonders crafted by the likes of Cabo’s Chef Antonio Romero, taste the mountainous magic whipped up by Vail’s Chef Jay Spicklemeier, or sail into gourmet heaven with creations by St. Barts’ Chef Christophe Moreau. And for those seeking the very zenith of culinary excellence, Michelin-starred Tuscan icon, Chef Stylianos Sakalis, promises a dining experience that’s both surreal and sumptuous.

From forage to fork, our esteemed chefs showcase their whimsical and inventive takes on cuisines, be it the vibrancy of new world dishes or the warmth of old-world classics. Trained in the world’s top culinary schools and infused with creativity, they craft five-star evenings that redefine luxury dining.

Chef Antonio Romero

Immerse in Local Flavors, Globally

While our chefs are the magicians, the ingredients are the spells. Each Cuvée villa, whether nestled in the luxurious locales of Los Cabos, Punta Mita, Colorado’s Aspen, or the romantic terrains of Lake Como, emphasizes local ingredients. The result? Dishes that tell a story, a tale of the land, its culture, and its flavors.

And it’s not just about dining. Cuvée curates experiences that immerse guests in the locale’s culinary essence. Be it artisanal pizza making in the heart of Tuscany, sushi lessons from the masters at Matsuhisa, or mezcal tastings in Mexico, each experience is a sensory journey, a feast for both the palate and the soul.

An Ode to Luxury Dining

At Cuvée, luxury isn’t just a term—it’s a way of life. From private and posh evenings in destinations stretching from Cabo to Italy, to the unparalleled prowess of world-renowned chefs, Culinary by Cuvée is more than just a dining experience. It’s a celebration of food, flavors, and the fine art of living.

In essence, when you embark on a Cuvée culinary journey, you’re not just eating; you’re partaking in a global gourmet saga, one that promises memories as rich and lasting as the flavors on your plate.

Authentic Cuvée Experiences

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