How We Design Our Luxury Vacation Villas

From our Design Guru, Cheryl Lucas

A paramount pillar of the Cuvée culture is the exquisite design of our global villas and chalets. We’ve mastered this art over the course of the past decade, and our design guru Cheryl Lucas, a resident of Atlanta who studied her craft at Parsons School of Design in New York City, takes us behind the scenes of her favorite works.

Meet Cheryl

I’m Cheryl Lucas and fortunate enough to mastermind the design for dozens of Cuvée villas around the world, from the Tuscan hills to Hawaii’s Kona Coast. I’m passionate about the balance of art, ingenuity, and efficiency, and savor each unique adventure designing a Cuvée villa takes me on.

What Do You Love Most About Interior Design?

My role as interior designer for Cuvée is the perfect opportunity to share my passion with others. As I work on the amazing Cuvée properties in beautiful and exotic locations, they add a new dimension to my life. And I am thrilled to know they also contribute to the lives of others.

What is Appealing About Designing Cuvée Homes?

My favorite part of working for Cuvée is the uniqueness of design and sense of accomplishment I feel at the completion of each and every property. It is always so exciting to see what started out as a vague concept come together as a real home with a personality all of its own.I await the actual installation of the furniture with great anticipation because then I can see firsthand all of the individual ements that go into the property and make it truly “Cuvée.”

What is Unique About Designing A Vacation Rental Property Versus A Home?

By necessity, a family home must be practical in order to be efficient for day-to-day living.  By contrast, a Cuvée property must combine comfort and excitement through design and is allowed to be extravagant, sometimes whimsical, and always meant to please the senses.

How Do You Incorporate Details About The Destination Into The Design?

The uniqueness of each Cuvée experience isn’t only for the guests, but for me as well. Each design is different, reflective of its location as each property is carefully selected to take advantage of some of the most beautiful destinations in the world.  And what makes and keeps them special is that they do represent those beautiful settings, both inside and out. When a Cuvée guest travels to the Tuscan farmhouse, they chose that destination to enjoy the Italian experience.  It would be a disappointment if there was very little on that property that reflected the spirit of Italy.

Name Your Four Favorite Cuvée Properties You’ve Designed

The best way to engage with the properties is to “live” in each of them and enjoy them first-hand, which I do with the installation team.  Here are some of the highlights.

how to rent a villa in Tuscany

Tuscan Farmhouse Estate

Tuscany, Italy

This farmhouse in Chianti Classico in the town of Gaiole has combined the hand-wrought details of Italian craftsmen with the unique Tuscan landscape that is so magical. Together the vintage beams, tile floors and ceilings create the background for a wonderful local experience.Some of my favorite features include the antique butcher block table warmed by the working fireplace, the vintage art from throughout Italy combined with contemporary works from modern-day Italian artists, and in general, the authenticity of the design and construction throughout the home.

In the interior, there are rooms for every mood and activity, from quiet spaces for reading or TV as well as the larger loggia with multiple seating choices. The country kitchen, with working fireplace, captures the culinary imagination of all who enter.

Enjoying fresh eggs from the hen house on the property is the ultimate addition. And on the outside, the vintage pool table, exercise area, media room, bocce court and infinity pool offer activities for every age. Plus: There’s an authentic outdoor pizza oven! 

St Barts villas on the beach

Vue de Rêves

St. Barts, Caribbean

If I do say so myself, this is a stunning home, surrounded by outdoor terraces that blend into the luxurious view. Homage is paid to blue sky, blue water and the lush green trees peeking up from the edges of the infinity pool.

The overall interior concept was built upon a sense of sophisticated fun and whimsy, combining the crisp tropical colors of the Caribbean with fresh clean neutrals to create a bold blend of stimulation and restfulness. There are perfectly designed spaces throughout, both inside and outside, for larger gatherings as well as smaller private spaces for a more intimate setting. 

Ritz Carlton Beaver Creek

Colorado Lodge

The Ritz-Carlton, Bachelor Gulch

At Colorado Lodge perched on the top floor of The Ritz-Carlton Bachelor Gulch, I wanted to maintain the charm of the mountain lodge design and experience, yet bring it up to date. It was important to me to maintain a color scheme that does not intrude on the fabulous view outside the window.

By incorporating warm grey, taupe, gold, and ivory throughout the home, we mirrored the mountain view while simultaneously maintaining some of the vintage touches of the Native American artifacts found around the Colorado Rockies region. Looking out to the snowy landscape, the interior is like a warm, cozy, enveloping cocoon.

Bachelor Gulch luxury rentals

Colorado Lodge possesses a serious sense of style and sophistication for a ‘mountain retreat,’ yet is inviting to all who enter to take a seat, enjoy the fire, and stay awhile. 

Casa Cuvée

Los Cabos, Mexico

Walk through the heavy outer door of Casa Cuvée and hear the babble of a nearby stone fountain, feeling immediately at ease and transported to another time and place. It’s magical.

When you cross the threshold, a beautiful vintage oil painting of an angel, discovered in a Mexican mainland gallery, is there to greet you. Underneath that is a replica of a Spanish writing desk, adorned with bronze crosses in marble bases as well as hand blown-glass and bronze orbs.

Hanging from the ceiling of this two-story space is an extraordinary handmade chandelier custom, designed by Ernesto Cruz, a world class architect, sculptor, poet and artisan from Guadalajara whose work is featured throughout Casa Cuvée.

Overall, it’s the perfect combination of a luxurious and contemporary seaside lifestyle blended with appreciation for the local flavor and culture of the area.

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