Seaside Private Chef Experiences at Cuvée’s Los Cabos Luxury Villas

The Best Culinary in Cabo Savored with a Sea Salt Breeze

The culinary experience with Cuvée in Los Cabos is unparalleled. May your taste buds meet their match in savor, spice, and sweetness, through a range of dishes crafted by our talented Master Chef Antonio. With every meal personalized and handcrafted for you, each bite and sip is made even better by the seaside views from our Los Cabos luxury villa rentals.

When we travel, we often think about finding all the best restaurants to explore, and that is certainly an option in Cabo, but we are near certain that Chef Antonio’s masterpieces will leave you simply wanting more of his culinary expertise.

Meet A Culinary Craftsman, Our Cabo Private Chef Antonio

Born into a legacy of restaurateurs, Antonio Romero was destined for a future as a private chef. With over 12 years of experience crafting a variety of international cuisine, from Mexican and Asian to French and Italian, Chef Antonio takes a minimalist and contemporary approach to developing irresistible dishes. He holds diplomas in an array of culinary realms, ranging from pastry to fusion cooking. His talents come to life as he serves Cuvée guests from all over the world, curating an unforgettable experience of gastronomic delight.

“Our Chef Antonio, his sous chef and Alex were absolutely amazing!! We had the very best meals here and we never wanted to leave the villa. It was like eating every meal at a 5-star restaurant!! The VERY best!! We will be back for sure. THANK YOU!!!”

– Josh Weintraub | Seaside La Casita guest

Q+A with Cabo Private Chef Antonio

We sat down with Head Chef Antonio to learn more about his life story and how it informs his culinary artwork as a private chef.

Tell us about your upbringing in culinary.

I am from Tijuana and grew up on the coasts of La Paz – that’s where I spent my days inside the kitchens of my family’s restaurants. We moved to Los Cabos when I was 15 years old. I studied high school in the mornings and in the afternoons, I worked in a tapas restaurant, where I learned everything there was to know about that kitchen. I was offered the position of restaurant chef in those first 3 years – this was when I realized that cooking was my thing.

Once you knew culinary was your passion, what came next?

All my focus was culinary at that point – I worked for six years in different hotels where I sought the position of executive chef. I looked for an international chef certification to study everything related to the position, from pastry and quality control to hygiene and human resources. I focused my education on Italian, Japanese, Mexican, and French cuisine until I got the position of executive sous chef in a hotel at 23 years old.

Incredibly impressive! Continue taking us on your culinary journey through today.

After being an executive sous chef, I became second in line to Michelin Star Chef Thierry Dufour, managing his ultra-luxury French restaurant. Following that, I spent a year touring Mexico where I learned the specialties of Mexican artisan cuisine from different regions – something that I adopted for the creation of my own menus. I began to merge international cuisine with Mexican artisanal cuisine as I looked for the best of each region – the mother recipes, the unique processes of preparation, and the best experiences to be had.

Then five years ago, I came to Cuvée where I continue studying and creating menus every day that bring each client a new experience. I enjoy meeting people from all over the world, seeking to meet their highest expectations.

What sustains your passion for culinary?

I am dedicated to crafting recipes that carry out an unforgettable experience – that captivates me. I continue to study the art and design of culinary and how to achieve the perfect fusion between presentation and taste.

If a Cuvée guest says, “Make me your favorite dish,” what are they eating that night?

It would be a Mexican menu no doubt. One of my favorite dishes to prepare is smoked corn cream and chilis stuffed with seafood in a five chile sauce, ever so slightly sweetened with agave honey.

What are your most requested dishes by Cuvée guests?

It varies a lot – anything from seafood risotto and Mexican favorites like enchiladas, mole, chile relleno to seed-encrusted lamb or fish and freshly-made sushi.

Apart from a spectacular meal, what can Cuvée guests expect from a dining experience with you?

I seek to create a unique and unforgettable experience by fusing the most beautiful elements of Cabo into my culinary, while creating a genuine atmosphere.

What is your best advice for home cooks who want their food to taste as delicious as yours?

Cook any dish with love and passion and incredible things can be made.

What do you like to do when you are not cooking?

I really like going to the beach. I enjoy fishing in the beautiful port where I live.

How Chef Antonio’s Gift Comes to Life

When visiting Los Cabos, you have the opportunity to embrace private chef experiences aplenty. Chef Antonio and his team make the magnificent look seamless, with every dish placed before you. From a spectacular welcome amenity, included in every stay, to celebratory dinners on the beach and classes to learn from the master, there is no shortage of culinary experiences to be had in Cabo. Let’s explore the variety of dining-centric endeavors to choose from.

“We were very impressed by the great job that Chef Antonio did! He is a first-class chef who is able to organize and cook any cuisine that you can imagine! Highly recommend him and the rest of the staff!”

– Anton Rae | Brisas Del Mar guest

The Complimentary Welcome Amenity

Included in every stay, when you arrive at your luxury villa rental, there is a private chef-prepared amenity to welcome you to the beautiful region of Los Cabos. Enjoy a spread of freshly prepared appetizers that play on the tastes and flavors of Cabo with local ingredients. Roasted corn perfectly seasoned with a kick of cayenne and sprinkled with cotija cheese tastes impeccable when paired with an enrapturing Sea of Cortez view. Locally sourced fruits and vegetables inspire salsas, guacamoles, and works of art carved into watermelon rinds. THIS is the way to start your getaway!

Breakfast Made Luxurious in Cabo

Prepare yourself for the sort of breakfast spreads that take your breath away. When Chef Antonio is in charge of the meal you are guaranteed to be wowed. An array of delectable and nourishing options help you to set the day right before kayaking the arch and snorkeling the sea, golfing Cabo’s top courses, and deep sea fishing the turquoise waters. From savory to sweet, and healthy to indulgent, start every day of your getaway with edible perfection.

Get a taste: Kick off the day in a savory way with made-to-order omelets and crisp yet chewy avocado toast topped with spirals of smoked salmon. For those that wake up with a sweet tooth, delight in freshly made puff pastries, hearty baked goods, and homemade muesli with ancient grains atop cool vanilla yogurt. Sip your preference of hydration or caffeination, from frothy lattes to fresh-squeezed juices.

A Private Chef Dinner on the Beach of The Sea of Cortez

With the sound of the sea as your symphony and mood lighting shed from the stars, Cabo private chef dinners on the beach are the pinnacle of romanticism. Feel the sand between your toes as you approach a white table-clothed oasis of warm candlelight where course upon course is delivered by Chef Antonio and his team. Experience multi-course meals that are never to be forgotten, all in the midst of Cabo beach bliss.

Get a taste: For an extra special dining experience let us select a tequila pairing with each course. Begin the evening with a Tequila Blanco and shrimp ceviche with coconut, roasted pineapple and toasted pistachio, followed by a Tequila Cristalino paired with a seed-encrusted tuna tataki. Guided by the expert knowledge of a tequila aficionado, learn about the Tequila Reposado you sip as a cochinita pibil toast with avocado mousse is delivered before you. Now deep into the meal, savor bites of a smoked-lobster stuffed chili as you enjoy a Tequila Añejo. As you graduate to the sweet side of the meal, embrace the taste of a Tequila Extra Añejo alongside a petite guava cake with passion fruit coulis. Finish with a bold and smoky Mezcal smoothly balanced with a mini avocado shoulder, cooled and dipped in a rich dark chocolate.

Cooking Classes That Make You the Master Chef

After experiencing Chef Antonio’s culinary magic, you’ll want to learn a few skills to take home with you. As he said, love and passion are what make the dish, so come prepared to share a bit of your heart and soul with the culinary you craft. With a background in Mexican, French, Italian and Asian cuisine, there is no one more equipped than Chef Antonio to teach you how to improve any sort of kitchen skill or make any dish you desire.

Get a taste: Per your request, Chef Antonio will guide you in crafting his favorite dish – a smoked corn cream and seafood-stuffed chilis in a five-chili sauce (believe us, once you try this, it will become your favorite too) – or any other sort of cuisine you crave. From rolling fresh sushi with guests to perfecting his family’s best Mexican recipes and teaching you the tricks of the trade, Antonio is sure to both educate and entertain.

See You in Cabo

Let us treat you to the best culinary of your life. Reserve a stay at one of our Los Cabos luxury villas and allow our experience curators to craft a culinary-centric itinerary that will take your tastebuds on an adventure!

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