Villa Lucca

Tuscany, Italy

8 Bedroom Suites | 100-Acre Lucca Estate

Ranging from: $3,200 - $3,800 per night


A Villa Presiding Over The Lucca Hills

Villa Lucca, set within a private 100-acre estate, is Italian country living at its finest. With nature as your constant companion, you’ll stroll cedar tree-lined paths through fragrant olive groves and private woodlands crisscrossed by picturesque streams. And at the higher terraced-end of the garden, the view from the expansive swimming pool and bordering alfresco kitchen stretches out over the valley, all the way to the foothills. It’s a perfectly natural place to unwind and enjoy your corner of the world.

Exceedingly Luxury Amenities

In a rare blend of natural simplicity and sophisticated design, Villa Lucca is a stylish refuge with attention paid to every detail, from the massage pavilion, indoor jacuzzi and hammam steam bath, to the pool room and wine cantina.

Without leaving the grounds you can enjoy birdwatching, mountain biking, and the chance to experience an olive oil pressing, or let us arrange local wine tours and evolved regional cuisine in Michelin-starred restaurants.

Outdoor Dining Terrace

Private Pool


Massage Pavillion

tuscany italy vacation rentals

The Space, Cuvée-Style

While the exteriors of the historic villa and adjacent farmhouse are restored to their classic style with the best of Tuscan craftsmanship, the renovated interiors reflect contemporary Italian design, combining new world pieces in an old-world setting. The wide plank and stone flooring and white walls are offset by colorfully striking art to complement each other through contrast. Taking advantage of the abundant luminous light, the interior spaces are purposely left airy and spacious, letting the vibrant colors and textured prints of the upholstered furnishings shine in a design concept that mixes character and modernity, while the bedrooms are outfitted in restful, tasteful luxury.

Design Details

Set the Scene

The nearby city of Lucca, famous for its magnificent ring of Renaissance-era walls designed by Leonardo Da Vinci, holds copious secret sights and architectural wonders. Explore the past by climbing the wooden staircase of Torre Guinigi – a 14th-century stone and brick clock tower, shop along the crooked Via Fillungo, or settle into a café in the oval-shaped square Piazza Anfiteatro for a taste of local culinary legend.

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Meet Your Personal Tuscany Experience Curator

Francesco Barone

Francesco’s amore for Cuvée is infallible and lovingly demonstrated by taking care of our Cuvée villas in Italy as if they were his own and caring for our guests as if they were his dear friends, which so many of them become.


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