10 Reasons To Cheer on Team USA at The Ryder Cup 2021

You’ll Never Experience Golf the Same Way Again

The roaring cheers of the crowds. The camaraderie driven by competition. The sort of legacy that is felt deeply. This is The Ryder Cup.

High fives shared from the Hole 9 Captain’s Club. Celebratory evenings in majestic mansions along Lake Michigan. The best of comforting Midwestern culinary. This is The Ryder Cup experienced the Cuvée way.

“Cuvée always makes it special one way or the other – special access to different parts of the golf tournament itself. It’s just a once in a lifetime experience.”

– Mark Spencer | Cuvée x Ryder Cup 2018 guest

Experience The Ryder Cup Legacy For Yourself

An immersive event, complete with the kind of moments that you recall every time you step out on the green. Here are the 10 reasons to join Cuvée for The Ryder Cup 2021:

1. Team USA needs you – With the rich rivalry of the U.S.A. vs. Europe, what better setting than our own USA home turf to support your nationality.

2. Because it matters even more this year – We took an L at The Ryder Cup 2018 in Paris, so this is a critical year for a comeback.

3. What better opportunity to reconnect – Coming off an unprecedented year, this is the most spectacular return to cheering, laughter, and conversation for much-needed reconnection.

4. Experience the liveliest event in the golf world – Leave your golf claps at home. The Ryder Cup is a spirited golf event, full of exaggerated celebration.

5. Easy access to Milwaukee, WI – Situated in the heart of the Midwest, Milwaukee is just a short flight away for ease of joining the Cuvée community at golf’s most prodigious event.

6. Positioned amongst the majesty of Lake Michigan – More than a “Great Lake,” it’s a spectacular lake, with every day on its shores showing different hues of vibrant blues.

7. Immersed in brick mansion luxury – Nestled next to Whitefish Bay, these are the sort of luxury accommodations that leave you taking back every Midwest assumption you’ve ever made.

8. What you’ve heard about Midwest hospitality – It’s true. These assumptions will be reaffirmed with every car door opened, every cocktail crafted, and each and every brat.

9. The comfort of Midwestern culinary – You may think it’s all tater tot casseroles, but Cuvée is dedicated to showing you the absolute best of Wisconsin gastronomy, from an authentic Friday night fish fry to a Great Gatsby soirée with private-chef prepared delights.

10. Every detail accounted for – With not a single detail to consider, you can focus on the *clinks* and fist pumps of the weekend rather than the transportation and scheduling.

It Doesn’t Stop There

This is just a taste of the curated experiences that await you at The Ryder Cup 2021, Sept 22-27, 2021.

Ready for The Ryder Cup?

To register your interest in the 2021 Ryder Cup event with Cuvée and to learn more, please contact Christa Weaving, christa@cuvee.com or 720.512.8017, or complete the form below.

Tickets are extremely limited with only 14 reservations left.

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