5 Perfect Days in St. Barts

St. Barts: The Cuvée Joie de Vivre 

St. Barts is the epitome of opulent celebration and Caribbean rejuvenation. With Cuvée, the island’s quintessential turquoise blue waters and champagne parties are intrinsically and seamlessly woven into its laidback and luxurious joie de vivre.

Experience St. Barts in every bite of Chef Christophe’s sumptuous grilled seafood, in the glimmering shell of a small sea turtle discovered in a hidden cove, and in the feel of fresh leather adorned with the double C, as Myriam guides you from adventure to adventure. Let us show you our St. Barts, in Cuvée-style, where the island’s vibrance is experienced with all five senses.

From yachting and nightlife to breezy afternoons poolside at Vue de Rêves, discover 5 perfect days in St. Barts with Cuvée.

Exquisite accommodations combined with superb customer service made it feel like home!

– Virginia Reiman | Vue de Rêves guest

Day 1: Bonjour

Arrive at your spectacular Cuvée villa to a celebratory welcome of spiced Caribbean grilled lobster, from our one-and-only Chef Christophe. Toast to the glory of the deep blue Caribbean, while your experience curator Myriam takes you on a tour of your new home away from home.

Day 2: A Day at Sea

Spend the day on crystal waters, exploring sea turtles coves and French-Riviera style harbors on a catamaran at sea, anchoring to swim the turquoise sea and pop a bottle of Veuve Clicquot before a gourmet beach picnic.

Catamaran Cruise in St. Barts

Day 3: The Life of a Mermaid

Glide through the water on a Sea Bob adventure to explore vibrant sea life. Later, enjoy a Mediterranean-inspired lunch at Shellona, before an evening of Grand Cru French wines with bottles plucked from the most spectacular rock cave wine cellar at our stunning Vue De Rêves.

Day 4: Luxe Shopping Adventure

Wake up to an in-villa Vinyasa flow session to center your mind and body. After the zen comes a private shopping experience, pristinely planned by Myriam, to bring home a piece (or two, or three) of exquisite luxury, followed by a gourmet seafood dinner at Bonito, where the tuna and chipotle tacos are legendary.

Day 5: Secret Swimming Spot

Personally guided by Myriam, find a hidden gem of St. Barts – the rare, natural pools. Meet mountain goats along the way and cool off with a dip in this secret spot, unknown to tourists. Wrap the day at Eden Rock’s restaurant, The Sand Bar, for a taste of their signature truffle pizza and crispy salmon.

St. Barts Luxury Redefined

Experience the most refined of St. Barts living. St. Barts timeless appeal is surpassed only by Cuvée’s très chic and sophisticated collection of St. Barts luxury villas, including our iconic Vue de Rêves.

Authentic Cuvée Experiences

St. Barts

BBQ Beach Night

Surround yourself with island atmosphere at our BBQ Beach Night as Tiki torches light your tables and our Cuvée chef...

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St. Barts

Cook Your Deep Sea Catch

Enjoy a deep-sea expedition and some spectacular Caribbean fishing guided by our seasoned fishing boat captain.

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St. Barts

Kids French Baking Class

Sometimes a little baking can make your day ever sweeter. Our big plans for little hands include an in-villa class...

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