Chef Kathryn Matthews

Chef/Owner Kathryn Matthews created Rocky Mountain Raclette in 2015 as a way for guests visiting the Vail Valley to enjoy a niche dining experience. Frustrated with static private-chef experiences that many other restaurants hosted, Matthews knew there was a void in exceptional culinary adventures in the Valley.

Matthews embraced her introduction to raclette by a local French friend and quickly fell in love with the concept. There was one caveat; the preparation and cleanup for guests. The intimacy of the meal calls for private space, but the tasks are too demanding. Problem solved. Raclette comes to guests’ private residence.

Matthews traveled to Switzerland to study Raclette, dairy farms and cheese preparation. She then combined her Rocky Mountain lifestyle with the Swiss Alps homage of the cuisine and thus Rocky Mountain Raclette was born. 

RMR focuses on table top grilling of local game meats, beef, seafood, vegetables, and, of course, the star of the show, the Raclette cheese! Seasonal-dessert included.

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