Inspiration from a Private Island

Embracing connection in one of the most pristine places on Earth, Royal Island.

Below, why we love this pristine island―and a yachting experience to make adventures endless.

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Royal Island Experience.

Royal Island is a completely private 430-acre oasis with five intimate villas on the sand, surrounded by miles of untouched turquoise sea. It’s difficult to put the serenity of Royal Island into words. It’s the kind of place that can truly change you; a rare scene that remains in your memory forever.

We wanted to create a place where families and friends could connect on a deeper level. Royal Island has a beautiful stillness. It gives a deeper connection—to the water, to nature, and most importantly, to each other.”

Larry Mueller, Founder of Cuvée

Endless Ocean Adventures.

The playtime on Royal Island is something special. With paddle boards, kayaks, and jet skis ready-to-go at any moment, it’s the more unique experiences—like lobster diving for your dinner―that make it Royal.

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Why It’s Special.

The island lets guests take advantage of really being together, and celebrating their way. Creating a celebration that will be remembered for a lifetime, that they’ll talk about for years to come. Everything about Royal Island is personal and personalized —from the menus to the live music to the wine list.

Land Meets Sea: Introducing AQUAZEAL.

Cuvée’s partnership with Aquazeal gives our community access to the World’s most privileged villas, private islands and luxury yachts.

Designer Yachts.

The Bahamas archipelago surrounding Royal Island has more than 700 islands, many of which can only be reached by sea. We love the Exumas, Turks and Caicos, and Abacos.

Why It’s Special.

Our favorite yacht, the Take 5, is a 131 foot Sunseeker with 5 cabins that sleeps up to 10 guests. It features a deck Jacuzzi and Zero Speed Stabilizers for ultimate comfort. Water toys include jet skis, a water slide, ski bobs, floating golf, fishing, and more.

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