Our Top 4 Family Spring Break Experiences in Hawaii

The Big Island, Even Bigger Memories

Cuvée’s Big Island villas at the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai paired with unique and one-of-kind experiences create the most memorable spring break escapes. From the moment you arrive to our posh villas with elevated amenities, you will immediately embrace the gentle Hawaiian breeze and tropical rhythm of the oasis.

We relish in bringing authenticity and creativity to your spring vacation escapes. Our onsite experience coordinator, Hoku Lai, brings her warmth, traditions and vast island knowledge to every Cuvée guest

I love my culture. It’s a different way of living and behaving—we approach the world with open arms


Explore the Big Island with Hoku and Cuvée.

Our top 4 Family Spring Break Experiences

4. Polynesian Traditions

Our remarkable and impressive Four Seasons villas envelope guests immediately from their stunning architecture and seamless blend of nature and interior. However, it’s our local onsite experience guide, Hoku Lai, who is able to bring curated sport, spa and culinary adventures that immerse families and groups into the Polynesian culture.

I really enjoy sharing Hawaiian crafts by teaching our guests how to make leis and weave coconut leaves, and explaining the specialness of Hula—how we speak with our eyes, our hands, and our bodies.


Hoku brings all these traditions and talents to your residence for a special extravaganza with live music and classic Hawaiian poke, handcrafted cocktails and juice bar. She enthusiastically educates all ages on her beloved traditions.

3. Kids For All Season

Four Seasons Resort Hualalai offers a daily program for children. There are local counselors and guides to help facilitate children’s adventures and days loaded with art and craft activity, outdoor sport, swimming and much more. After a day at the amazing program, surprise your family with a mermaid or merman swim experience at your private villa pool.

2. Surf and Sea

Take the excitement offsite and enjoy a private Catamaran boat ride and snorkel where you will have the opportunity to watch spinner dolphins and whales. Whale season peaks during spring break to mid-April. For some sand and sun, have Cuvée arrange a beach day with local farm-to-table picnic, authentic Hawaiian canoe lessons and a cocktail bar.

Either choose a serene beach spot, or your Four Seasons residence, and transform the afternoon into a Hawaiian cultural explosion. Learn the art of lei making, coconut weaving, Hawaiian ink tattoos and more. Add live music and a fresh juice bar. It’s all possible and easily arranged with Cuvée.

1. Relax and Refresh

The culture of Hawaii is certainly iconic, vivacious and intriguing to the most isolated island chain in the world, and our onsite team has deep connections with the local community to help your family relish in unique sport, art and cuisine.

Let us schedule a dream spring vacation; we allow you and your family to truly relax and embrace the Big Island and our residences while we work behind the scenes arranging meals, sport and spa.

Spring break with Cuvée allows each family member to enjoy personalized Hawaiian paradise. Our luxurious, spacious villas, complete with private pools, daily housekeeping and concierge, ensure you are able to spend your vacation moments with the ones you love.

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